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You Know Your Holding Aces


Paul has a very diverse background in entertainment and performing having started out as a drummer "back in the day", a wedding singer and even a TV Warm Up man for the nations biggest shows. His true love is that of 80s music and anything 80s related.


Although Tom is the youngest member of the band he loves the 80's sound of the British bands of that era of which he got brought up (or is that forced into by parents?) There is no doubting that he plays the guitar with the experience of a seasoned veteran.

The kid can play!


Ric is not only an amazing bass player but is lightening on the lead guitar too having played with lots of pro bands over the years.

Performing runs in the family with Rics Dad being an outstanding musician too.


Duncan is the MD, controller and brains behind the band sound to make sure its as close as possible to any of the artists being performed.

Duncan runs his own studio and production company "Nice Chips". The man is a genius - simple.


Simon has a wealth of experience having played with many tribute bands and showbands in his time as well as backing countless 80's named artists across the UK and Europe. Simon is also a drum tutor from his studio teaching the next generation of muso's.

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